The Cinematheque of North Macedonia and Skopje Film Festival (SFF) celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the writer, film screenwriter and director Slavko Janevski (Skopje, 11.01.1920 – 20.01.2000). On that occasion, his short feature film “David, Goliath and a rooster” will be screened within the SFF summer cinema "Peaceful Summer".

Slavko Janevski is a short story writer, novelist, poet, film screenwriter, essayist and painter. He is one of the founders of contemporary Macedonian literature and author of the first novel in standard Macedonian language, "Village beyond the Seven Ash Trees" (1952). He was the editor of the first children's newspaper "Pioner", then the editor-in-chief of the children's magazine "Titovche", the magazines for literature and art "Nov den" and "Sovremenost", the literary newspaper "Horizont" and the humorous-satirical newspaper "Osten". In the meantime, he worked as an editor in the publishing houses "Kocho Racin", "Nasha kniga" and "Makedonska kniga". He is the author of children's books, travel prose, collections of short stories, novels, poetry and screenplays.

Janevski is the screenwriter of 6 feature films. He won two Golden Arenas for screenplay, for the films “Wolf’s Night” (1955) and the “Macedonian Part of Hell” (1974) at the Pula Film Festival. He is MANU (Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts) member since its founding in 1967.

He has won the awards and accolades AVNOJ (1968); 11 October; at the Struga Poetry Evenings (SPE); November 13, Award of the city of Skopje; Racin Recognition Award and the Miroslav Krlezha Award.

Filmography of Slavko Janevski:

1955: Wolf’s Night (Screenplay)

1956 Last railway (co-screenwriter), feature, Ufus Film Belgrade

1955: Rebel Legend (Screenplay)

1956: Pula 1956 (Director, Screenplay)

1956: The Birds Are Coming (Screenplay)

1957: The Sun Behind Bars (Director, Screenplay)

1959: Evil Visa (Screenplay) 

1959: On both banks of the Vardar (Screenplay, Assistant Director)

1959 Macedonia (screenwriter), documentary, Ufus Film Belgrade

1960: And the sea dreams (Director, Screenplay)

1960: Fear (Director, Screenplay)

1960: Across Waters across Countries (Director, Screenplay)

1960: David, Goliath and a Rooster (Director, Screenplay)

1961: Sphinx (Director, Screenplay)

1963: Disaster, Suffering, Hopes (Director, Screenplay)

1963: Vasilie Popovikj - Cico (Director, Screenplay)

1967: Macedonian Blood Wedding (Screenplay)

1971: Macedonian Part of Hell (Screenplay)

1985: Knot (Screenplay)



Macedonia, 1960, 21 min.

Director: Slavko Janevski

Screenplay: Slavko Janevski

Cast: Kiril Kjortoshev, Dimitrie Buzharovski 

The tramp is hungry and the child has a rooster. In order to achieve his goal, to get something to eat, the tramp steals the rooster from the child. But because of the child’s grief, the tramp changes his mind and the child is with his friend again. "Both good and evil are innate in man, and you judge can what is best for him" (from the unwritten Goliath psalms).

It may be interesting to note that the child in the film is played by Dimitrie Buzharovski, later a famous composer and professor at the Faculty of Music.

It is worth mentioning the other members of the creative team of this short feature film: Director of Photography: Kiro Bilbilovski; Editing: Dragomir Pankov; art director: Blagoja Angelovski; Music: Vlastimir Nikolovski; Scenography: Dime Shumka; Tone: Jordan Janevski.